Hi, I am Martha,

Looking back, I’d say what marks my life is that I’ve been always looking for the better way. The more beautiful path. The one that brings ease and grace. And that which is accessible to all with the greatest amount of fairness and justice. These are my dearest values.

And suddenly, right there on my path, I discovered Breathwork. 

Don’t you love when those blessings show up at the very right time?

I discovered that Breathwork, an active meditation, connects us to the innate intelligence of our bodies, to have our very own breath stimulate and deepen the vital power of our healing.

It’s here we are able to access and apply our body’s wisdom through our physical breathing to clear any blocks that prevent us from being healed from our pain.

Free from pain, we are at peace. Through peace we discover that we are more powerful than we ever knew was possible.

Working together as a team, any challenging parts of Breathwork become safe and productive and even fun. As the breath deepens, it is possible for fear to disappear and we begin to access deep sovereignty. It is here we find self-healing begin to take place.

Another bonus from using your breath, by accessing and releasing any stuck energy and unwanted emotions, you have a greater potential to connect with your intuition and deep inner wisdom.

I feel it a privilege to hold space for your truth to emerge and honor your process as it unfolds. The end result is peace, self-love and deep self-appreciation.

Clients have told me through my gentle, infectious enthusiasm and caring how I’ve helped them to face their challenges with clarity, courage and strength. 

I found Breathwork to be such a gift. I am happy to share it with you.

Breathwork, as an active mediation,


helps you bridge the gap between body, mind and soul

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I’ve experienced many healing modalities in my day…both traditional and cutting edge. I love Martha Gelnaw’s Breathwork practice. I experienced an amazing release of trauma in one session. Martha was amazing at giving direction, holding the space for healing and helping me to make sense of it all at the end. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rev. Dr. Tami Coyne