As a Breathwork facilitator, I bring healing medicine to those who care to connect deeply with their true selves.

Thankfully, I Discovered Breathwork

Several years ago, I went to a Breathwork circle at Maha Rose, a healing center in Brooklyn, NY. I believed at the time that this Breathwork might help me with clients in my executive coaching practice where I help them become embodied and to breathe and center to a greater leadership presence. I quickly discovered that the work wasn’t what I thought. 

Months later, I was faced with the tragedy of losing my daughter. From my shock, pain, and devastation, I found myself stuck, blocked, and cut off from my emotions. I was incapable of expressing any grief or sadness. Seeking a remedy for my pain, I discovered a gifted Breathwork practitioner in New York City who offered me Breathwork for grief and loss. 

During my very first session, I quickly let go of stuck energy and blocked grief lodged in my body. It was safe and easy for me to express all my feelings through the active breathing meditation. And, as if this time wasn’t difficult enough, I was dealing with recurring trauma from childhood sexual abuse. 

Breathwork healing gave me astonishing results, moving years of pain and loss. And after many sessions to progress my own healing, I want to share it with others who are hurting or seeking to heal and live to live a good life. Through Breathwork Healing Training, I advanced to deeper understanding. I am certified to offer individual and group sessions with clients. 

I offer immense gratitude to my teachers, David Elliott, Erin Telford and to Jennifer Patterson, a most gracious colleague.

Breathwork informs my leadership communication coaching which specializes in embodied practices that create connection through being present. It has shown me that the presence of power is one that is felt in gentleness, love and compassion created through the Breathwork practice.

My Passion

As I am fully aware of my own stage in my life, in addition to offering Breathwork virtually and in person 1:1, I find I am called to offer Breathwork to women who are in their Crone years, or who are approaching their Crone years. 


“When boulders appear on the path, help us to roll them away to greet the

illumination at the end of the tunnel. Untether our recurring accumulations of

stones from our backs, and let us become accustomed to

traveling light like Butterfly.”

Pixie Lighthorse Prayers of Honoring, Honoring Lightness of Being