Neuroscience tells us that the heart has its own nervous system.

Scientists know now that the heart is in charge of the brain. (It had been thought it’s the other way around.)

New research cited in the Psychiatric Times shows-

“The heart sends more information to the nervous system than the brain. When you shift the rhythms of the heart, you shift the brain. Heart Waves generate the largest electromagnetic waves in our body. There are measurable energy waves emitted and they are positive signals. These are 5000 times stronger than what our brain emits.

The heart’s field saturates every cell in our body and extends to 10 feet outside of our body. That’s where we get the term “magnetic personality.” Therefore, our heart’s feeling is stronger than a thought.


Our feelings are a beacon. We choose a feeling to create and we can set the dial to elegant attunement. Positive feelings are most likely to bring positive outcomes.  Generosity gets more abundance.”

Our full “brain” is considered to be all these three – Mind, Heart, and Gut. The body knows before the mind knows. Harness the full power of our bodies and our minds by attuning to our hearts.

Yet, there are times when I’ve experienced a block to my heart. Hurt, grief, loss, disappointment, trauma, or more may cut me off from my heart. When I use the active breathing meditation of Breathwork to remove any blocks to my heart – and the heart waves, I find coherence. Try it. With Breathwork we will connect to our hearts and our bodies for our “best thinking.”