I don’t know about you – I love the trapeze act in the circus. It is death defying and exhilarating.

We might believe that the artist’s most difficult act is to grab hold of the trapeze bar and to step off the landing. Even more demanding is the act of their living in that infinitesimal space of the unknown – where for less than a minute second, they take their hands off the bar, spin around, and trust that there will be a pair of hands to meet theirs.

This moment of unknown is where all the creativity occurs. That turn, the spin, the twist, somersault, the reach – all this to thrill themselves and us.

It comes down to letting go, trusting, surrendering, taking a leap of faith, only to soar.

In Breathwork, too, we live in that momentary space of the unknown and commitment. In an instant, we commit to ourselves when we let go, trust, surrender, take our leap of faith – then we soar. It’s more than thrilling – it’s absolutely delightful.

Let me be the pair of hands to meet yours.