According to Jungian psychology, “women are influenced by powerful inner forces or archetypes, which can be personified by goddesses.” (Jean Shinoda Bolen)

An archetype is a pattern of instinctual behavior that is contained in the unconscious mind and that is universal a with modes of behavior that are similar in all cultures and individuals.

The Crone goddess represents the archetype of the elder woman – the wise woman.

“The re-emergence of the Crone taps us into the ancient attributes of wisdom, compassion, patience, transformation, collaboration, healing, laughter and bawdiness.

We, as Crones, strengthen confidence in our age-accumulated knowledge, insights and intuition. We know shit and we own it.  We are no longer invisible, ignored or treated unfairly.” ( ancientcrone)

Life as we have known it is under rapid change and we, as the Crones are being called to use our higher functioning abilities, our intuitive and energetic skills, and our creativity and the ability to find new ways. (Well, new ways that are often old ways.) Isn’t it a beautiful thing to step into our crone goddess and own it. Be there.